When my mother who had lived in an assisted living facility in another county for three years, moved to Clark Manor House it was love at first site! The bright bedroom, the private bathroom, and especially the dining room with a table large enough for all of the residents to sit together for meals are just some of the tangible assets. Meals are happy times with fresh food prepared in a state of the art kitchen by an experienced chef. For my Mother who loved to cook, the variety of food and wonderful menus were
greatly appreciated. The intangible, the feeling of the house, is that of a respectful and caring family. The caring begins with the Administrator as she leads her staff in carrying out their duties in a very professional way. Each one would demonstrate over and over their sincere thoughtful caring with patience and humor. They often went the extra mile to make life happier and easier for
the residents and their families. My family and I watched as my Mother became healthier, more engaged, happy and peaceful during her time at Clark Manor House. It was a time of quality living for her. We will be forever grateful to everyone involved with her care and the love given to her.

Joyce Bradley


“I want to formally tell you how wonderful I think you and your staff is at The Clark Manor House. I remember coming to you at my wit’s end. I had no idea what to do to keep my mother safe. You agreed to meet with Laura and me the same day we called. For 2 years, I was in charge of my mother; and now Debbie you ushered us around in your “take charge way “showing us the facility and my mom’s new room. Debbie I am grateful for you taking charge. You always try to come up with a solution for a problem that seems to big.

Your staff is amazing!  Denise, I value your opinion, I think you evaluate her personally, and have really aided us in her care.

Judy, Donna, Andrea, and Karen are so warm and nurturing. Your warm smiles, hugs, and encouraging words really keep mom happy, cared for and content. Rose is so warm and has given me moments to just vent. You are perceptive, and a great listener and responds to me and my mom where we are at the moment. My mother just loves Priscilla! I can’t remember my mom ever having a friend. Priscilla has taken the time to get to know her as a real friend. Thank you Priscilla for giving my mom such a gift! “

You can’t pay people to care!”

Kara, Patti Anns daughter

“For the past several months our large family has struggled with the physical and emotional challenges of providing support to our dad. In May our dad moved to Clark Manor, and we have all seen many benefits from this. He is getting around much better, especially to meals and the porch, and we are able to visit with him and take him out, which he often did not want to do before. We are thankful for the efforts of all the Clark Manor Staff in making him feel comfortable and productive in his new home and know that he is safe and well taken care of. Thank you all!”

The Gray family

“It was important for us to find a place where Mom would be happy and safe. We chose Clark Manor House and it was the best decision we ever made. The Victorian home, furnishings, wrap around enclosed porch and beautiful grounds make it a wonderful place to live. But it is the friendly residents and staff who create the family atmosphere that she enjoys so much. There are also unique activities. Imagine her bowling, being in a 4th of July parade, participating in a bell choir and playing Wi Fi at age 90. Clark Manor House has it all. Mom loves it!”

Jean Burlingame

“Clark Manor House was recommended to our family through a friend of a friend over three and a half years ago when my mother was no longer able to live independently.

My two brothers and I told our mom we would visit Clark Manor and if we felt it would be a good home for her, we would take her to visit.  We took her to visit the very same day and we were unanimous in our feelings that it would be a wonderful place for mom to reside.

A few months ago my husband and I needed respite for his mom, who was discharged from the hospital sooner than we were expecting.  I immediately called Clark Manor and Debbi, the administrator, went to the hospital that afternoon to visit my mother-in-law and worked with us so that she could move in the next day.

Both mothers are now full-time residents and we are very pleased with the wonderful care they receive.  Besides being a beautiful facility in which to reside, the nursing care, meals, and super friendly staff give us peace of mind knowing we have made the best choice possible for our moms.

I highly recommend Cark Manor House and it’s excellent staff!”

Luann B. Holtz

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Debbie, Denise and all of the staff and Board Members for their contributions in making Clark Manor House more than a house, it is a home.  I speak from experience as my mother was a resident for 7 years. In particular the current staff has been most accommodating for Mom and has shown compassion and caring for her needs.  Everyone from  Priscilla Benziger who not only cooks the meals but was a friend to Mom, to Nurses Judy, Mary Ann,Andrea, and Karen the Activities Director, all have played special roles in their work with Mom.  God Bless them all for their giving natures and thank you for bringing them all together at CMH.
I understand that CMH is a business, but for me it will always be a special part of my life, having created a warm and safe home for my Mom. Aside from the day-to-day care, I have seen a continuous improvement process being implemented for upkeep and updating the building and grounds. Mom has moved out of her home at CMH now, but I will remember the good days she spent with you and wish for you the best of success as you continue to provide a wonderful Home for Adults.

Congratulations on your success and best wishes for the future.
Rod Dutton

Special Letter of Thanks:

When I walked up the steps of Clark Manor House 9 years ago, I was there looking for a place for my Mom, I was met by a lovely person who welcomed me in. She asked if she could help me. I told her I had an appointment about my Mom, but the home was so beautiful, maybe I’d like to stay there myself.

We moved my Mom in and she really loved her new surroundings. My Mom enjoyed playing Bingo, She really anjoyed the entertainment they brought in, too.  She also loved going out to eat together.  When I visited my Mom, I was always met with a smile, a welcome, and the sight of a happy Mom.

As my Mom aged and didn’t go out as much, the staff visited with her and always kept her comfortable. The last years of my Mom’s life were the best I could ask for as a daughter. She left this life knowing that outside were flowers and a beautiful garden dedicated to her memory.

My thanks to Debbie, the nurses, the chefs, Karen and the housekeepers.  You are truly a wonderful family and so caring toward all of your residents.  I really appreciate all you did for my Mom and our family.

Bonnie J. Diver